Online Learning Term 2, 2020


Good afternoon Parents & Caregivers,

This week all our staff have worked to ensure that students can continue their learning as we plot a course for the future. We have offered families the option of digital or paper based resources for learning when we return in Term 2. Our standard delivery mode will be digital, with paper based resources used as a backup. We are asking all families to consider moving to the digital learning option if this is possible. There are a number of local businesses that can provide a device with the specifications required by the school that will allow students to move to the online environment.

At Home Timetable
We understand that in times of unrest it is important to maintain some of the routines of normal operation. For us, we have decided to continue with our normal timetable model. You may choose to create a different at home timetable based on your individual circumstances.
This means that students will have access to 3 lessons per subject per week of learning in most cases (be guided by your student’s timetable) and that staff will be available to discuss students’ progress during the designated timetable time. Each student has been emailed a copy of their timetable (to their school email address). If you are not aware of the teachers email address, these are now on the school website click here.
For e.g. If your students timetable for Monday P1 (9:00 – 10.10) is Science, then their Science teacher will be available online through either the digital platform or email to discuss learning with the students. Please appreciate that if 20 students email the teacher at one time, then it may take a little time to return the email.
Learning Model
 Our model will provide students with access to learning that:
·          Is in 3 week chunks of work (9 lessons) – this way you will be able to see exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.
·          Has very clear learning goals for the lessons in the 3 weeks – by doing this it is clear what students are expected to learn and how they know they have mastered the learning.
·          Adheres to the lesson structure model that we use at school under normal operations – this way there is familiarity between what we normally do and what we are attempting to do in an online environment.
·          Some teachers will use an online program so they can interact with the whole class. This is another reason that we are asking parents to provide access to the internet where possible. This way students get to participate in interactive activities with the teacher – not just read about the information.
·          Provides resources to engage with – relevant to the stage of the lesson.
·          Provides feedback at points across the 3 week period.
·          Encourages class communication at least twice a week, preferably on the first lesson of the week and at one other time – be it by video, email, Class Notebook or Blackboard (eLearn).
·          Teachers will be monitoring student engagement at the end of each week. Where the student is not engaging, the school will be contacting home.
Online Learning Information
For those students accessing the online learning, there will be one location from which all the Curriculum Programs can be accessed. This is eLearn. All electronic teaching resources will be accessible from eLearn (detailed instructions are attached to this email).  Students will be able to logon using their school credentials (logon ID and password).  If they have forgotten either of these, they may call the password reset hotline on 41970111 option 7. From each student’s personalised eLearn courses, they will have links to other online resources such as ClassNote and JacPlus.  
Students should also check their school email accounts daily to ensure they do not miss any important emails from their teachers (instructions on how to check email at home are attached to this email).  It is an expectation that students communicate with each of their teachers at least twice weekly during their normal allocated lesson time.
Following the directions outlined, students will have access to all subject content for the next three weeks. This material will become available on the morning of Monday April 20. As mentioned above, most contact will be with your subject teacher or your Head of Year by email.
Paper Based Resources
For those parents who have indicated that they need a paper resource for their student/s. We will be operating a Drive Thru Service on Monday April 20 for the distribution of the packages.
There will be 2 drive thru stations with locations at:-
                        - USHS bus zone
                        - Emerald Park Way.
The table below provides a Collection schedule as follows:
Station 1 – USHS Bus Zone
Station 2 – Emerald Park Way
Student Surnames: A - D
9:00 – 10:00
Student Surnames: M - R
Student Surnames: E - L
10:00 – 11:00
Student Surnames: S - Z
We will provide details in term 2 as to the process for the submission of student work for those using paper resources. Again, I ask all parents to consider moving to an online platform for their student/s.
Hot Line
To assist all families and students a Urangan Home Learning Hotline has been set up.  This will be through the normal school phone number (ph 41 970 111 option 8) and is for issues that cannot be resolved through email communication with the classroom teacher.( eg – you wish to change from a paper copy to an online  program; items were missing from the paper based resource pack or you need assistance  with an element of the paper based work.)
Please understand this is as new to us as it is to you. We will not get it perfect the first time around but we will commit to improving our delivery as we progress through the term. With this thought, I encourage you to provide us with polite and constructive feedback to assist us to improve.
Our staff are going above and beyond in order to give our children the best possible opportunities in what are very trying times. I thank both staff and parents for the commitment shown to deliver the best possible outcomes for our students. We also recognise that the plan could change at any given moment. As soon as we are aware of changes, we will inform parents through the usual channels.
Have a safe and healthy break, please abide by the expectations of our leaders, we want to see everyone back on deck after the holidays!
Yours sincerely
Glen Robinson
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Last reviewed 12 May 2020
Last updated 12 May 2020