BYOx System


​What is BYOx? 

Bring your own device (BYOx) refers to a system where students bring a personally owned technology device to school for the purpose of learning. The 'x' in BYOx reflects the variable nature of devices used.

BYOx is a system designed to support the delivery of 21st century learning at Urangan State High School. The school has provided access to allow students to bring approved, personally-owned, computing devices into classrooms to assist with learning opportunities since 2015.  Students do not have to be part of a "special" class (digital device/ACE) to bring their own device.  If a student joins the BYOx system (ie they apply and pay to connect) they are able to use this device for educational purposes in any class.

Connection to BYOx

Students must apply for approval to connect a BYOx device. Application forms can be downloaded from the link on this page, or a printed copy can be picked  up at the Student Services desk at the school.

There is no charge for BYOx from 2021. 

All licences for BYOx expire at the end of each year and a new application must be made for the following year. Once the application form is returned to Student Services, the process to begin connecting of the student device will commence.

For general enquiries regarding BYOX please email

Device Selection

Laptops or tablets that run either a Windows (not RT) operating system or a Mac-OSX operating system will provide the better educational experience on BYOx (see specifications in the BYOx Information Flyer under Related Links to the right). These devices will be able to connect to the school filtered internet connection, print to school printers, and access secure storage on school network drives. Windows and Mac devices also allow students to take advantage of the free Microsoft Office 2016 package available to all Queensland State School students. Click on the link at right of the page for instructions.

The school has negotiated with a number of suppliers to develop a range of devices and purchasing options for parents. Devices on these portals and our local Harvey Norman store are guaranteed to work on the BYOx network and meet the school’s device specifications. 

**Android tablets are able to connect to the filtered internet connection, but are not able to benefit from the other facilites provided by BYOx at this time.​

Portal Information

HP Portal

School log-in code: UranganSHS

School discount code: uran5%

Dell Portal

Username: uranganshs

Password: parent


Q: Is there a cost for BYOx?

A: No BYOx is free, an application form just needs to be returned to the school.

Q: How do I get BYOx?

A: Download the form from the links on this page.

Q: How long does it take to become active on BYOx?

A: From handing in the form, it normally takes 3-5 days.

Q: How will I know it's ready to connect?

A: You will receive an email from one of our school technicians on how to connect.

Q: What if I have trouble connecting?  

A: Help desk is open every school day from 8:15am - 8:45am for support.

Last reviewed 24 March 2021
Last updated 24 March 2021