​Meet Anna!

​​Subject choices and tutorials

"Here at Urangan State High School we have a lot more subjects to choose between than in Norway. I have been to the maths tutorial, which gives me a lot of help. There are many teachers there so that everyone can get help."

Amanda, Norway​

'Urangan Mates'

"A lot of my teachers are really nice. They help me and take extra time to explain things another time. One of the best things is the mates program. On my first week it was pretty nice to have someone who knows the school and so it was much easier to find friends. The school is really cool and I really like studying here."

Chrissi, Germany

"By being an international student at Urangan State High School I have made friends for life. We are a really good international group, but I’ve also made good Australian friends. And the school's 'Mates Program' helped me feel really welcome on the first day."

Eline, Norway

"On the first day of school all of us international students had provided an Australian student, who showed us around in the school and just gave us a good start. Also, because we didn’t have to eat lunch alone. It also gave us the chance to meet some Australians and make some friends immediately. It can be hard to “break out” of a group of internationals, but with the 'Mate Program' the school gave us a very good opportunity to meet some Aussies and i’m very happy to have taken the chance. My Aussie friends are awfully friendly and really funny people, I’m incredible happy to have met them."

Janne, Germany


" I like the school and the people. When I met my mate in the first week, she was very kind and nice with me. The teachers are very helpful with the international students and the tutorials can be useful for our assessment."

Caterina, Italy

"We've also been to heaps of excursions. I don’t think I’ve been traveling as much as I have in one school year, as I have on these 4 months. Also sports carnivals and extra-curricular activities have made me feel like I am a part of the school. Modern history and art is absolutely my favourite subjects."

Eline, Norway

"I really enjoy how many trips and excursions we are doing as an international class and with other classes. It gives us the chance to know each other better and blends us as a team. "

Leon, Germany

Teachers and tutorials

"The year 11 camp I went on in September was one of the best experiences so far on my exchange."

Alexandra, Norway

"All the teachers are nice and I think tutorials are useful; without them I couldn't have done my maths assignment."

Claudia, Italy

"The teachers are also very nice and help and support you wherever they can. The homestays are very kind and try to give you a good introduction."

Moritz, Germany

"The teachers are really kind and ever happy to help or give us extra time if the assignment is too difficult. The school is really well organized, particularly with the technology. There is a big variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities to enjoy."

Eva, Italy

International program

"I am thrilled that I got the possibility to be a part of the international program. I love the subjects, the school, and Hervey Bay in general. I would recommend Urangan State High School to absolutely everyone!"

Katinka, Norway

"The International program in Urangan State High School is really well organized. It gave us a lot of facilities like the special class just for us (the international class), the free laptop, the free uniform, special extensions for the assessments and a lot of people that are available for us if we need to talk about any problem. "

Eva, Italy


"I enjoyed the stay at my homestay family so much. I was always welcome there and felt like at home. They are like my second family in Australia!"

Lena, Germany

"I really enjoy leaving with my host family. It takes care of me and is really willing and helpful. It took me in a lot of little trips and makes me feel like being at home."

Eva, Italy


"I really appreciate is that we are provided by laptops and school uniforms from our school. We don’t have to pay for our school uniform and the laptop we can borrow for the time we are staying here."

Luisa, Germany​

Our visit welcoming

"I am really happy to be a part of the Urangan State High School international program, because everyone is really helpful and nice. I felt very welcome when I first came here. At the first couple of days I got lots of help from my buddy who showed me the whole school and introduced me to her friends. As well, the teachers help a lot with the exercises and are really helpful."

Sandra, Germany

"Year 11 students are nice. They are friendly. If I have any problems, they always try to help me. Also, I made many friends who came from different countries. It is good to know many cultures."

Kiana, Japan

Last reviewed 08 May 2024
Last updated 08 May 2024