Student services and support programs


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student services

  • Payment of fees, excursions etc. are to be paid before school and during lunch breaks.

  • Students wishing to make appointments with any of the above providers are required to book at student services before school, during their breaks or after school.

  • Students who wish to access one of the above providers without an appointment may do so during their breaks, before school or possibly after school if the provider is available.

  • Students who have appointments will have a yellow appointment card issued to them before the appointment.

Appointments and office assistance:

  • School chaplain

  • Guidance officer

  • Senior schooling advisor

  • Community education counsellor

  • English as a second language tutors

  • School based Police officer

  • School based youth nurse

  • Site coordinator

  • Payment of fees, excursions, etc.

  • Lost

  • Appointments

  • Transport issues

  • First aid

  • Tax file number

  • Sick room

Guidance and counselling

The guidance officer is a key member of the school staff who is available to discuss courses, career planning and personal issues. The Guidance officer works with students, parents and staff, offering many services, such as crisis counselling, anti-bullying strategies, parenting support and advice, mediation, grief counselling, and other methods of therapeutic support.

The school also has a school based nurse, school based Police officer, school chaplain and a range of support personnel who provide support services to students and our local community.

If you wish to see any member of the support team, please make an appointment with student services staff.

School chaplaincy

Urangan State High School chaplaincy program is an optional service introduced to provide students, staff and parents with support which may have a religious and/or spiritual component. Chaplaincy services provide an additional adult role model in schools.

Urangan State High Schools chaplaincy service operates in accordance with Education Queensland’s policies and procedures SCM-PR-012; chaplaincy Services in Queensland state schools.

Urangan State High School’s chaplain is present in school in consultation with the local community, and with the support of the P&C.

Careers information

Urangan State High School career education program is designed to provide each student with the opportunity to have an active role in his or her own ongoing career development.

Every student will be guided through a careers program. The careers program is year level appropriate following the national careers blueprint guidelines and is developed to accommodate both the changed understanding of career development and the changing nature of the world of work.

School based vaccination

The school based vaccination program provides parents with the opportunity to have their child vaccinated for free through Urangan State High School. Coordinated by Queensland Healt​​h, the vaccination program is offered to all Queensland secondary schools.

​​​​​​​Transition Pathw​​ays Officer

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What is a Transition Pathways Officer? 

T​​​​​​​ransition Pathways Officers (TPO) work across a cluster of State High Schools to provide a broad range of services and supports to students at risk of disengaging or have disengaged from school.

Our Transition Pathways Officer is based at Urangan State High School and support schools within the north coast region (Urangan State High, Hervey Bay State High, Aldridge State High, Maryborough State High)

Transition Pathways Officers have a unique skillset combining an understanding of departmental policies with experience in supporting young people, their families and schools. They possess a thorough knowledge of services available through the department of education and their local community to assist students transitioning into a suitable post-school education, training or employment pathway. 

Working with a Transition Pathways Officer provides a level of support that a young person who presents as at-risk of disengaging from school needs at this critical time.  A suitable pathway will be determined based on the student’s particular requirements, and could result in a return to traditional education or another appropriate post-school education, training or employment pathway. 

The TPOs daily management and supervision is overseen by the Principal Advisor Education Services – Engagement. School Principals and/or designated “Lead Referrers” within their cluster may liaise with TPOs to identify students requiring TPO support based on a case management system.  ​

How can a Transition Pathways Officer help a young person? 

  • Manage partnerships an​d work holistically alongside schools, community organisations and businesses to address the needs of at risk young people and maximise education and transition opportun​ities

  • Develop a persona​​lised Education, Training or Employment plan with young people

  • Follow-up with young people to monitor continued engagement in their chosen pathw​ay

  • Assist young people to navigate the system and consider a range of post-school study, training and work options in line with their individual goals, aspirations, skills and strengths. Some options that young people may consider are:

  • finding employment

  • apprenticeships and traineeships

  • TAFE

  • Skilling Queenslanders for Work programs

  • alternative entry to university

  • federal incentives such as Job Trainer

  • organising work experience


How do I contact the Transition Pathways Officer? 

Brooke Wood 

Mobile: 0478 260 382 


OR visit m​e in person at: Urangan State High School

Last reviewed 27 March 2024
Last updated 27 March 2024