ACE program


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Academic and cultural excellence program (ACE)​

Urangan State High School’s Academic and Cultural Excellence (ACE) program is designed to cater for our elite academic and music students. Students in our ACE classes will be extended across the curriculum in years 7 to 9. They will then separate into their fields of choice in year 10 to prepare for their senior years of education.​

Students who are accepted into the ACE program need to be highly motivated, have a strong work ethic and good academic ability in maths, English, science and humanities. Students who meet these criteria can nominate for either general academic or music.

In the general strand, students will be extended in maths, English, science and humanities. They will have the opportunity to select elective subjects in years 7 to 9. Students in the music strands will be extended in the above subjects as well as music. They will be able to choose their technology elective subject in years 7 to 9.

ACE students will be in all core classes with other ACE students. They will be challenged and extended in order to reach their potential. ACE students will generally become our top academic achievers and musicians at the end of year 12.

When students are accepted into the ACE program, they must maintain high academic results and meet the high behaviour expectations required. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program. In order to be accepted into the ACE program, students must fulfil all entry requirements, participate in an audition process (music) and attend a workshop. This is usually done on the same day. Applications must be accompanied by all required information.

Students who are interested in the ACE Program are required to:

  • Complete an ACE application form.

  • Provide a copy of their most recent school report.

  • Provide a copy of their year 5 NAPLAN results.

  • Attend an audition day (music ACE program).

  • Perform with a chosen instrument (music ACE program).

  • Participate in problem solving / teamwork activities / written exam.

Students will be selected using a combination of the information outlined above.

Once students are notified that they are being offered a place in the ACE Program, they must complete a full school student enrolment application, including the letter they have received.

Please note that being offered a place in the ACE Program will be pending approval of your student's enrolment application through the Urangan State High School enrolment management process.​​

To learn more about the Academic and Cultural Program (ACE), please contact 

Kate Austin 

Ph : (07) 4197 0111

Last reviewed 08 May 2024
Last updated 08 May 2024