Apple Learning Coach at Urangan State High School


​Urangan State High School teacher, Steve Muir, is one of the very few selected from across the nation to become an Apple Learning Coach.

Steve will commence the very first Australian offering of this program in March of this year, making him one of the first in the country to assume the title of Apple Learning Coach.

This professional learning program is designed for educators who coach teachers on how to get the most out of Apple technology in the classroom.

“I am just excited for the challenge that this program will bring. It will mean that I can collaborate with other experts across Australia to develop successful coaching practices to assist teachers embarking on their own digital capabilities and bring fresh, new ideas not only to my digital pedagogical practice but to my colleagues at USHS (Urangan State High School) and the wider school community," said Mr Muir.

Steve is a Digital Pedagogy Leader at Urangan State High School and is already a Certified Apple Teacher. He presents his colleagues at the school with a range of training and some of his most interesting work has been around augmented reality, taking students through virtual tours of historic landmarks such as the Colosseum.

“Urangan State High has long had a reputation for innovation, and supporting students to excel through creating new ideas, new processes, and new skills" said Tony McCormack, Principal of Urangan State High School. “Over the past couple of years, our 1:1 iPad program has been a logical evolution of this with a wide array of creative and innovative learning opportunities being enabled by technology and the skill of our staff."

The school introduced the 1:1 BYO iPad program in an effort to increase student engagement and learning through the use of digital pedagogy. The program involves students in Year 7 and 8 using their device in the classroom for a wide range of learning opportunities that include recording notes, viewing textbooks, accessing interactives, working at their own pace and much more. The school has also invested in upskilling and training a group of teachers across all faculty areas on how to best use iPads as a teaching and learning tool in the classroom.

“To have one of our teachers recognised as a leader not only at Urangan, or on the Fraser Coast, but as one of the leading practitioners in the country is testament to the high quality opportunities that our students experience every minute of every day," said Mr McCormack.

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Last reviewed 07 March 2023
Last updated 07 March 2023