Newsletter - 2023 Push Up Challenge

​​​​Through June 2023, Urangan SHS will be participating in the Push Up Challenge!

Urangan SHS invites students and parents to join our school community as we push to raise awareness for better mental health and the benefits of movement / physical activity. This is an opportunity to increase our levels of movement, improve fitness, have fun and learn about mental health by taking part in The Push-Up Challenge 2023.

This free event is for everyone — students, teachers, school staff and parents.

You can participate in this event individually or as part of a team (up to 10 people) and challenge yourself to complete 3,144 push-ups over 23 days to help put a spotlight on mental health.

Sounds like too many push-ups? Don’t sweat it. All levels of fitness are welcome and you can aim for half or the full push-up target. Being part of a team, means that each member can contribute to the total, rather than trying complete the target by yourself. Encourage a teacher or your parent to be part of your team.

Push-ups can be done just about anywhere and you can spread them out over the day. You're also welcome to do alternative exercises if push-ups aren't for you. Think sit-ups, squats or tailored exercises – anything goes.

You can bank your push-ups and see how your teammates are going through the event app.

You’ll learn about mental health along the way as the daily push-up target changes each day to reflect a vital mental health statistic.

Urangan SHS is proudly supporting this event with a focus on raising awareness about mental health and to highlight the benefits of increasing our physical activity levels for our overall health.

Fundraising is an optional part of the event but a great opportunity to support critical mental health services across Australia. The charities affiliated with this event include:
  • ​Push for Better Foundation
  • Lifeline
  • Movember
Any fundraising sought during this event is completed online via the Push Up Challenge website. There is no collection of cash as part of this event.

Join us as we push for better mental health.

To get involved:
  1. ​Student participants must complete the attached Parent / Guardian permission form and return it to Student Services before the 1st June 2023. A copy of this form will be retained by the school before being forwarded to the Push Up Challenge organisation
  2. Go to our USHS community page
  3. Create or join a team of up to 10 people within our USHS Push Up Challenge community.
  4. Spread the word and get others involved.
  5. Start prepping yourself
  6. Download the App.
  7. Get pushin’ on 1st June!
For more information about the Push Up Challenge, please visit you have any queries, please contact Mr Shane Bird on 4197 0111 or

It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that the student is adequately covered for Medical, Hospital, Dental and Personal Accident & Injury Insurance. Urangan State High School will not accept financial liability for such expenses if they should arise. Where supervision of the administering of medication is required while the student is away from home, parents will need to document details in separate correspondence to the organising staff member. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school on (07) 4197 0111.
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Last reviewed 02 June 2023
Last updated 02 June 2023