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​A state wide policy

In line with the Queensland Government's announcement late last year, our school will be implementing a policy of mobile phones being Away for the day.​ This policy intends to reduce the distraction of mobile phones and other devices to provide optimal learning environments for all state school students.

From the beginning of Term 1 2024, all Queensland state school students must keep their mobile phones switched off and 'away for the day' during school hours. Notifications on wearable devices, such as smartwatches, must be switched off so that phone calls, messages and other notifications cannot be sent or received during school hours.

The decision to implement a consistent, statewide approach to putting mobile phones away during the school day is based on an independent review of Queensland's approach to mobile phones, which was completed in July 2023.

The statewide review heard from students, parents, school staff and experts about the changing impacts of technology on the health, wellbeing and education of young people, with a number of key themes emerging. You can read more about these themes on the Department's website​​.​

How does this look at Urangan?

Away for the day at Urangan requires students to take responsibility for their own device, demonstrating respect for themself and respect for others​ by keeping their phone switched off and in their bag at all times during school hours (8:50am-3:00pm). This also includes break times, and means that students will be required to use cash, bank card, and/or QKR! app for purchases at the canteen, or to make payments at Student Services for school excursions.

Students are allowed to use other devices such as iPads, laptops, or other approved devices for curriculum and learning purposes. The school will provide direction to students and parents about the use of these devices during break times, including the need to access them in specific "Technology Zones" such as the Resource Centre.

Students can continue to bring their phone to school to communicate with family, friends, and employers outside of school hours where necessary - however, leaving your phone at home is certainly encouraged if it is not required for these reasons.

Urangan State High School staff acknowledges the importance that mobile phones play in our lives, helping us to stay connected with friends, family and work. The Australian Curriculum also outlines the value of Digital Literacy as a General Capability and its contribution to the preparation of young people for the future. However, finding the right balance between the time we spend on our devices and what we do with this technology is important for our health and wellbeing.​

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Last reviewed 29 January 2024
Last updated 29 January 2024